eOffice :

The eOffice product aims to support governance by ushering in more effective and transparent inter and intra-government processes. The vision of e-Office is to achieve a simplified, responsive, effective and transparent working of all government offices. 

The Open Architecture on which eOffice has been built, makes it a reusable framework and a standard reusable product amenable to replication across the governments, at the central ,state and district levels. The product brings together the independent functions and systems under a single framework.


test http://eoffice.gov.in


eOffice Implementation at Collectorate Osmanabad :

1. Unicode installation Guidelines


2. eOffice DSC Guidelines


3. DSC Form Guidelines


4. Information collection formats


               ppANNEXURE 2.1- Collectorate Branch Level Core Team


               ppANNEXURE 3.1- Taluka / SDO office Core Team


               ppANNEXURE 6.1- Status of Hardware infrastructure available at Col. Branch. / SDO/ Tahsils


               ppANNEXURE 7.5- HOD/ Taluka / SDO office Unicode Installation / Usages Information


               ppANNEXURE 8.2- Col. Dept. / Taluka / SDO office E Mail Usages Infroamtion


               ppANNEXURE 10.1- Col. Branch / Taluka / SDO office Information for Capacity Building