Sr.No Topic Details PPT/PDF
Maha e-Office application training
2 Presentation on ePDS, NSAP by concern department Download(PDF,2599KB )
3 Presentation on Online MREGS by concern department Download(PDF,1647KB)
4 Government Email Usage Download(PDF,2766KB)
5 Unicode Application Download(PDF,1019KB)
6 Network Basics Download(PDF,5000KB)
7 MahaDBT Download(PDF,1214KB)
8 Tech Saturday Concept Download(PDF,2540KB)
9 Previous Tech Saturday’s Revision Download(PDF,1627KB)
10 Tech Saturday Paper (SET A & B) Download(PDF,213KB)
11 Digital Signature Download(PDF,1749KB)
12 Knowledge sharing cam-scanner, Mobile Printing concept Download(PDF,1346KB)
13 File Sharing Download(PDF,1114KB)
14 Digital Signing on Letter Download(PDF,1828KB)
15 PDF Conversion, Merge & Split Download(PDF,2623KB)
16 Remote Desktop Connecting Techniques Download(PDF,2037KB)
17 CSC Services Presentation Download(PDF,3291KB)
18 Online RTI Download(PDF,805KB)
19 Remote Desktop Download(PDF,2037KB)
20 e-Procurement Download(PDF,895KB)
21 Digital Locker Download(PDF,973KB)
22 PPT Training Download(PDF,1571KB)
23 Digital Banking Methodolgy Download(PDF,2262KB)
24 Usage of AEBAS(Biomatric Attendance System) Download(PDF,7019KB)
25 e-District and RTS Download(PDF,6100KB)
26 Password Awareness Video (How Secure is your Password? How to remember Complex Password?) Video
27 How to reset password of Government NIC Email, eOffice, sparrow, Gem, MahaPAR, PAR Video
28 NIC Government Email ID ( Configuration on Android Mobile using POP3 (Method-1) Video
29 Method 2- Gov Email ID ( Configuration on iPhone/Android Mobile using IMAP/POP3 Video
30 Mahabhulekh – Free Online 7/12 View (महाभुलेख – ऑनलाइन ७/१२,८अ आणि प्रॉपर्टी कार्ड पहा) Video
31 MahaPAR – कार्यमूल्यमापन अहवाल (Performance Appraisal Report) ऑनलाईन पद्धतीने लिहिणे Video