NIC District Center

NIC Background:

NIC, under the Department of Information Technology of the Government of India, is a premier Science and Technology organization, at the forefront of the active promotion and implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions in the government. NIC has spearheaded the e-Governance drive in the country for the last three decades building a strong foundation for better and more transparent governance and assisting the government’s endeavor to reach the unreached.

NIC’s Achievements:

NIC has leveraged ICT to provide a robust communication backbone and effective support for e-Governance to the Central Government, State Governments, UT Administrations, Districts and other Government bodies. It offers a wide range of ICT services. This includes NICNET, a Nationwide Communication Network with gateway nodes at about 53 departments of the Government of India, 35 State/UT Secretariats and 603 District collectorates to service ICT applications.

NICNET has played a pivotal role in decentralized planning, improvement in Government services, wider transparency of national and local Governments and improving their accountability to the people. NIC assists in implementing ICT projects, in close collaboration with Central and State Governments and endeavors to ensure that state-of the-art technology is available to its users in all areas of ICT.

NIC’s Role:

NIC assists in providing technical support, Technical consultation to the district administration/various government departments and coordination services for implementation of Information Technology Projects, in close collaboration with Central and State Governments, in the areas of,

(a) Centrally sponsored schemes and Central sector schemes – NeGp MMP i.e National E- governance Programe Mission Mode Projects

(b) State sector and State sponsored projects and – State Level Projects

(c) District Administration sponsored projects – District Level Projects

To facilitate this, NIC has established a nationwide ICT Network NICNET with gateway nodes in Central Government Departments, 35 State/UT Secretariats, and in almost all 602 District Collectorates, for IT services. The Government has designated the nation-wide Computer-Communication Network, NICNET, as the Government Network.

[NIC provides technical service for various district and Taluka level government offices. Mainly the offices are District court, ZP, DRDA, SP Office, APMC’s, Agriculture offices, RTO office, Dist. Consumer court, Employment office, Department of post, Treasury etc. Apart from this for collectorate NIC plays vital and active role in coordinating various technical e-governance/ICT activities for its implementation in the district.]

Technical Consultancy :

The technical support and consultancy is provided by NIC Osmanabad to many State government offices to tackle their IT needs and problems. This includes giving the right configuration of different hardware, procurement of hardware , inspection and certification.

Training :

As a part of IT Support to Government on various e-governance projects, training programmes are conducted by NIC Osmanabad. Training programmes are arranged in the District Centres for immediate requirements. The following are the trainings generally given.

  1. General Computer Awareness programmes
  2. Training on Office Automation tools
  3. Sectoral training programmes as part of implementation of various e-governance projects
  4. Workshops and Seminars

Along with that NIC, Osmanabad organizes the Tech-Saturday for District government employees on every first Saturday of the month.

Video Conferencing Service:

A Video Conferencing Studio has been established by NIC at all the districts of Maharashtra. Departments use this facility to monitor the implementation of various projects.

Website Design & Development:

The NIC Osmanabad has developed the official web site for the district administration and keeps it up to date periodically.

ICT active support in Elections:

The NIC Osmanabad always involved in all the Assembly and Parliamentary election process. The work of allotment of polling staff, their randomization, forming parties, random allocation of polling booths to parties, raising the system and hardware for counting process, giving daily online information related to election and constituencies to Elction Commision of India and NIC Delhi which has collaboration with Dorrdarshan for result telecast.

Technical coordination in implementation of the ICT projects:

NIC Osmanabad has developed and implemented number of useful software packages and carried computerisation projects.

Network Services (NICNET):

  1. Providing network backbone and e-Governance support to Central Government, State Governments, and Districts level ICT projects. The network router setup through which Lease line connectivity of 34 mbps with the help of BSNL line has been configured in the collectorate
  2. Connectivity provided to District Court, Head Post Office, Osmanabad and Tuljapur.
  3. Parallel Network from 4 Mbps connectivity through DIT also configured in LAN in the collectorate

NIC Email facility:

Email facility has been provided to all the government departments.Provided the NICNET network connectivity to Collector office.

Web Services – Web site hosting For Ex.

Antivirus services

VPN connectivity facility and domain registration and renewal facility

IT issues Consultancy Services to all Government Departments

Providing technical consultation required to the SETU and Maha E-Seva centers

Involvement in various other miscellaneous activities for technical issues of the collect orate and taluka level offices like AMC process, tendering process, Recruitment process, verification of the hardware in schools and various offices etc..

Tourism Portal – Cultural Identity, Osmanabad District:

Designed web corner of District Website for providing information of the 39 Tourist & Historical places in district

Cultural Identity, Osmanabad District


Shri Tuljabhavani Live Mobile APP:

Designed and developed Shri Tuljabhvani Live Mobile APP using the flutter as part of District Mobile APP Development challenge and published on play store in time.   Devotees can take online Live Darshan using the application. Devotees can avail temple online services like Online Donation, Online Darshan Booking & media.

Playstore Link:


COVID19-District Level Dashboard through District Website :

The intention of the district administration of not to create additional information but to bring together credible COVID-19 related information that would be easy to access, understandable for the common citizens and act upon, locally it was essential to develop district-level dashboard of the Covide-19 related most important information.

COVID 19 District Dashboard


Cashless Osmanabad Mobile APP :

As a part of the promoting cashless activities and facillating the required information through mobile app, for the citizens , Osmanabad district has evloped the Cashless Osmanabad Mobile which is the 1st District in Maharashtra.

Tehnical Report – Cashless Osmanabad Mobile APP (PDF, 2.23MB)


Osmanabad District Website: Officeal Website of Collector Office Osmanabad is designed & developed by NIC Osmanabad using the HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Tehnical Report – Website (PDF, 727KB)


WebStat :

This is web based application developed using the PHP, Ajax, FuisonCart & MySQL for monitoring of website upload information on

Tehnical Report – WebStat Application (PDF, 1.90MB)


Netstat :

This is web based application developed using the PHP, Ajax, FusioCart and Mysql for monitoring and management of the network activities in the collectorare and other government offices/branches in the same premises.

Tehnical Report – NetStat Network Application (PDF, 1.31MB)


e-MPR :

Intranet based web application for submission of monthly progress report of NIC. Developed using the using the PHP, Ajax & MySQL.

KIOSK Application:

This application is developed using the HTA & CSS.

E-Lokshahi :

This is intranet based web application developed using the PHP, Ajax & MySQL for monitoring of lokshahi cases of collectorate.


This is intranet based web application developed using the PHP, Ajax & MySQL for monitoring of Alcoholic Persons Database.

Local Election Monitoring System:

Designed the Local Election Monitoring System using the Google Docs features.

EVM Randomization:

This is intranet based web application developed using the PHP, Ajax & MySQL for randomization of EVM machine in Lokasabha-2014.

Virtual Machine for Property Card:

Configured the Virtual Machine for Linux Server for Property Card database. It saved Hardware cost of server.

NLRMP Database Backup FTP Server:

Configured the Local Backup Server for NLRMP database by using this tahsil level staff can submit the backup to NIC.

Detail District Infromatics Officer(DIO) Addl. District Infromatics Officer (ADIO)
Name                    – Purushottam N. Rukme
Phone(Office)                    – 02472-220233
Office E-mail                    –
Office Address                    – NIC, 1st Floor,Collector Office, Osmanabad


Sr.No NIC Engineers Mobile
1 Appasaheb Kadam 9595655325
2 Prashant Rawale 9860450243