Ter (Tagar)

Category Historic, Religious

22 kms from Osmanabad At the distance of tere villages, ancient civilizations have become clear even today. The ancient region of Terai, known for its regional trade, is known by the name of the famous national saint Gorobakka Kumbhar. The village is old in this village and its temple is on the banks of the River Titanas.

However, some of the temples here are famous for their architectural design. There is an ancient temple of Shri Nrishinha on the southeast side of the village. In front of the village, there is a statue of Vishnu in front of the magnificent idol of Trivikram.

Photo Gallery

  • Gorobakak.
    Goroba Kaka Temple
  • Kupi
  • Plini

How to Reach:

By Train

18.7 Km away from Osmanabad Railway station & 52.1 Km from Latur Railway station.

By Road

22 Km away from district headquarter Osmanabad & 50 Km from Latur.