Project Subject Date Related Downloads
Setu Regarding appropriation of funds accruing to State Setu Societies and District Setu Societies 07 March 2024 Download (PDF, 180KB)
Aadhar Strengthening Ecosystem for Aadhaar Enrolment & Update in Maharashtra 16 Sept 2017 Download (PDF, 570KB)
Purchase GR

Purchases made on the basis of tariff are limited to Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. About raising Rs 10 lakh.

07 May 2021 Download (PDF, 2.20MB)
Maha IT Regarding Establishment of Maharashtra Information Technology Corporation. 09 August 2016 Download (PDF, 2.11MB)
e – Ferfar Regarding the duties of the revenue officer in the e-Pherphar system. 04 July 2019 Download (PDF, 3.13MB)
Mahabhumi Project Regarding enabling Mahabhumi Project Management Institute 31 Jan 2018 Download (PDF, 3.10MB)
CSC Guidelines for Central Government CSC 2.0 for Aaple Sarkar Seva Kendra KYC 19 Jan 2018 Download (PDF, 3.30MB)
Aadhar Enhancing Privacy of Aadhaar holders – Implementation of virtual ID, UID Token and Limited KYC 10 Jan 2018 Download (PDF, 664KB)
MahaPAR Appointment of coordination officer and preparation of EMD (Employee Master Data) for writing online in the online system of the board for the evaluation of performance evaluation of the Group-A and Group-B (Gazetted) cadre officers from 2017-18 15 Dec 2017 Download (PDF,633KB)
GeM Regarding Procurement of Government E-Marketplace (GeM) Portal developed by the Central Government in the Procedure for Procurement of Office to be done by Govt. Departments. 24 August 2017 Download (PDF,3189KB)
Aadhaar Validity of downloaded Aadhaar (e- Aadhaar) as Proof of identity – regarding 28 April 2017 Download (PDF,166KB)
GeM Improvement in the Procedure Policy for procurement of government departments 08 Dec 2017 Download (PDF,152KB)
GeM Improved manual of procedure for official purchase of government departments 01 December 2016 Download (PDF,2192KB)
e-Governance Use Half-percent funding for e-Governance from their budgetary provisions. 18 June 2010 Download (PDF,211KB)
e-Maha Pariksha Regarding Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for use of ‘e-Maha Pariksha’ Portal as a pan-State Examination Management Solution. 19 Sept 2017 Download (PDF,588KB)
IT Hardware Regarding setting of life and disposal of out-of-date equipment for computers, printers, laptops, servers and other IT devices. 01 August 2011 Download (PDF,81KB)
IT Cell Regarding district and Taluka IT Facilitation Cells- Operational Guidelines 20 July 2017 Download(PDF,219KB)
IT Cell To set up an information technology cell with efficient resources and necessary infrastructure in various government departments and local bodies. 10 July 2015 Download(PDF,187KB)

e-Auction GR – (To implement e-auction function on works of more than one lakh rupees)

03 December 2014 Download (PDF,174KB)
OFC Network

Government policy to give rights of companies to optical fiber cable networks in the state.

 27 April 2000 Download(PDF,1237KB)

The e-mail policy of the Government of India.

 18 February 2015 Download (PDF,307KB)
IT resources

Policy on the use of IT resources of the Government of India.

18 February 2015 Download(PDF,283KB)

Regarding implementation of e-tendering mechanism for more than 3 lakhs of expenditure incurred. .

 26 November 2014 Download(PDF,275KB)
Digital Signature

Verification of credentials prior to issuance Digital Signature (DSC)

11 December 2013 Download(PDF,1717KB)

Guidelines for effectively implementing e-office system

20 August 2013 Download(PDF,1043KB)

Regarding implementation of e-tendering functioning for more than 10 lacs

16 January 2013 Downlaod(PDF,74KB)
Video Conference

Guidelines for available video conferencing facility in the Ministry

 26 November 2012  Download(PDF,1603KB)

Making available data of computerized 7/12 data to MahaOnline

 21 November 2012  Download(PDF,88KB)
Setu Centers

Regarding the use of funds deposited in Setu Facilitation Centers

 10 October 2011  Download(PDF,2788KB)
Unicode Software

Regarding the use of Unicode software in the office of computing

 10 Sept 2008  Download(PDF,122KB)
26 March 2016 Download(PDF,140KB) 
Internet Network The Government’s policy about giving rights to networking agencies / organizations 01 April 2006 Download(PDF,251KB)
OFC Network Government Policy Regarding Routing of Optical Fiber Cable Networks 22 Nov 2001 Download(PDF,194KB)
OFC Network Government policy to give rights of companies to optical fiber cable networks in the state 27 April 2000 Download(PDF,1237KB)