Land Acquisition Branch

According to the Land Acquisition Act 2013, the publicity of Section 11 (1):

Land Acquisition act 2013, Matification under section 11 and 19.(PDF,176 KB)
Notification is notified of Taluka Paranda and Bhoom District Osmanabad Under section 11 of the Land Acquisition Act, 2013. (PDF,299 KB)
Krishna Marathwada Upasha Irrigation Scheme no.2 Step 3 Pangrharwardwadi irrigation pond to increase the height of the lake. Dahiwadi ta Tuljapur district Osmanabad (PDF,115 KB)
Land Acquisition Under Krishna Marathwada Step No. 2 under Stp No. 4th and 5th from Pangradharwadi to Sindhfal and Sindhfal to the Ramdara canals. Dahivadimas khurd, Sangvi Mardi and Sindfal Tal, Tuljapur Osmanabad (PDF,115 KB)
Pazhar Lake Wadgaon Kati Land Acquisition Mt. Hatkarwadi, Tuljapur Dist. Osmanabad (PDF,115 KB)
Notification of Section 11 and Section 19 of the Land Acquisition Act 2013 (30 of 2013). Omerga Ta Omerga (PDF,4294 KB)
Regarding publicity under section 11 of the Land Acquisition Act, 2013 (PDF,160 KB)
Under section 19 of the Land Acquisition Act, 2013, the notification is notified. Nagewadi ta Land district Osmanabad (Pasar Talav Nagewadi M. Nagewadi Ta. Bhoom District Osmanabad) (PDF,120 KB)
Notification of Osmanabad Gat No 259 about change of Land Owners Name (PDF,857 KB)

Notification of Section 19(01) in “Village Tank Giralgaon” At GiralgaonTq Bhoom Dist Osmanabad (PDF,1399 KB)

Notification for land Acquisition Under Section 19 in “Pazar Talav No 2 ” At Undegaon Tq Paranda Dist Osmanabad (PDF,264 KB)

Notification for land Acquisition Under Section 19(2013) in ” Dudhalwadi Sathwan Talav ” At Kadaknathwadi Tq Washi Dist Osmanabad (PDF,757 KB)

Hatola Storage Tank No2 Kallam 19(1) Notification

National Highway Act, 1956, NH-211 Land Acquisition Niwada Publicity

Sr.No Name of Village File No Date of Award
1 Tamalwadi (Main) 2011/भूसंपादन/रा.म.मा./सिआर/01 (PDF,7167 KB) 27/10/2015
2 Tamalwadi (Addl.) 2014/भूसंपादन/रा.म.मा./सिआर/01 (PDF,3246 KB) 06/10/2015
3 Malumbra (Addl.) 2014/भूसंपादन/रा.म.मा./सिआर/04 17/10/2015
4 Sindfal(Main) 2011/भूसंपादन/रा.म.मा./सिआर/06 17/10/2015
5 Sindfal(Addl.) 2014/भूसंपादन/रा.म.मा./सिआर/06 21/10/2015
6 Shingoli(Addl.) 2014/भूसंपादन/रा.म.मा./सिआर/14 27/10/2015
7 Yedshi(Addl.) 2014/भूसंपादन/रा.म.मा./सिआर/15 26/10/2015
8 Chorakhali(Main) 2013/भूसंपादन/एनएच211/सिआर- 02 08/10/2015
9 Izora(Main) 2013/भूसंपादन/एनएच211/सिआर- 16 06/10/2015
10 Pargaon(Main) 2013/भूसंपादन/एनएच211/सिआर- 21 01/10/2015
11 Osmanabad(Main) 2011/भूसंपादन/रा.म.मा./सिआर-13 (PART1   PART2  PART3 ) 17/02/2016
12 Washi(Main) 2013/भूसंपादन/एनएच211/सिआर-13 2018030941 26/01/2016
13 Saramkundi(Main) 2013/भूसंपादन/एनएच211/सिआर-14 16/02/2016
14 Wadgaon J(Addl) 2015/भूसंपादन/एनएच211/सिआर-01 16/02/2016
15 Shelgaon D (Addl) 2015/भूसंपादन/एनएच211/सिआर-03 16/02/2016
16 Malkapur (Addl) 2015/भूसंपादन/एनएच211/सिआर-04 16/02/2016
17 Uplai (Addl) 2015/भूसंपादन/एनएच211/सिआर-05 16/02/2016
18 Osmanabad (Addl) 2014/भूसंपादन/एनएच211/सिआर-13 ( PART1 PART2  ) 22/04/2016
19 Chorakhali (Addl) 2015/भूसंपादन/एनएच211/सिआर-02 23/05/2016
20 Yermala (Addl) 2014/भूसंपादन/एनएच211/सिआर-06 23/05/2016
21 Ratnapur (Addl) 2014/भूसंपादन/एनएच211/सिआर-07 23/05/2016