eMutation – National Land Records modernization Program (NLRMP)

Entire Mutation work flow is now Computerized under this project. The information from the Registration office  is captured and transferred to Mutation Cell at Tehsil office where Digitally Signed Notice’s regarding Mutation entries are generated and send back to the originating SRO office. The SRO office serves the Notices and sends them back to Tehsil Office, Village Accountant along with the Registration details.

The Mutation process is initiated instantly as soon as Registration takes place. The mutation entry is certified by the Circle officer on completion of notice period and the ROR is updated. This has relieved the common man for waiting for the Notice to be served to him by Talathi, Going to Village for applying Mutation entry and getting his ROR updated. All types of Registered and Non Registered documents are covered under this project.

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